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The courses are held at customer sites worldwide or at our Prime Serv Academy. The room prices shown on the website includes membership to Danhostel.The 10% discount which you receive when you buy a hostel card will not be given if you book through websites other than,, or Danhostel’s own web shops, and will not be valid when you arrive at the hostel.

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See the list with the actual discount agreement for 2013 The Danhostel card can be used at any hostel that is a member of Hostelling International (HI). In some countries it is required that children have their own hostel cards (e.g. You can obtain free cards for children when you are in Denmark.

You can find more about the international hostels here.

You do not have to have a membership card to stay at Danhostel; however we have made it attractive to be a member and reward guests with a 10% discount on room rate, which will be deducted from the price.

If you book by email or telephone, the 10% discount applies.

If you stay at a HI hostel in another country, we recommend that you check what rules apply for the particular country.

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