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Ahrensburg is situated in the Tunneltal, in which Alfred Rust excavated many items dating back to the ice age.Ahrensburg is situated next to the Autobahn A1 and on the railway route between the Hanseatic cities of Hamburg and Lübeck.There are records of reeves based in the castle in 12.

The town dates back to the 13th Century, when the Counts of Schauenburg founded the village of Woldenhorn (which later became the town of Ahrensburg) and the neighbouring villages Ahrensfelde, Meilsdorf and Beimoor. The village came into the possession of the Cistercian Reinfeld Abbey in 1327, and Woldenhorn became the seat of the monastery reeve until the middle of the 16th century.

The "Arx Arnsburga", also called Arnesvelde castle, was built around the year 1200.

The Ahrensburger Tunneltal is a place of numerous excavations from the Upper Paleolithic culture.

The culture is called Ahrensburg culture by archaeologists.

Ruins of the castle are still visible in the Hagen forest to the south of the town.

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