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durch  |  27-Dec-2015 02:35

Obviously, this was not the time to go see a lot of flowers!

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The palace building was H-shaped, with an outer courtyard and inner courtyard (it was the outer courtyard facing the street that is shown).

There was every indication that in sunny summer weather, Fulda was magnificent.

The main draw in Fulda was its large palace, whose entrance is shown in the first photograph.

The city of Fulda sat on its namesake Fulda River in eastern Hessen, close to the border region with the former East Germany.

Our draw to Fulda was precisely due to its former relevance as a Cold War frontier, and indeed our visit to Fulda was in conjunction with a trip to the border zone at Point Alpha just about fifteen minutes away, located on a hilltop overlooking the Fulda Gap.

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