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Vyborg is located in the area of Karelia (Karjala in Finnish, hence the name of the beer) that was ceded to the Soviet Union at the end of the Second World War and kept by Russia since the Soviet disintegration in spite of various Finnish attempts to negotiate its return.It is regarded with misty-eyed nostalgia by many Finns whose families had to move across the new border when hostilities ceased.”So sad,” says Anne, peering through the drizzle at the grey urban silhouette and describing the decrepit state of many of the once handsome buildings in what was a bustling and cosmopolitan harbour city.

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Clutching a plastic mug of Karjala beer, he’s cruising on the M/S Carelia from Lappeenranta along the Saimaa Canal to the now Russian, once Finnish city of Vyborg (Viipuri in Finnish).

His girlfriend Anne Kauranen will head straight for Vyborg’s market hall to stock up on cheap porcelain dolls.

His passport is crammed with page after page of immigration control stamps, identical but for the date, acquired from petrol-purchasing border hops by car.

Orava is wearing a T-shirt and a pendant that are emblazoned with the patriotic Finnish lion symbol.

Fresh air, forest scenery, sea views, venerable architecture, nostalgia and good company: We embark on a Saimaa Canal cruise over the Russian border to the former Finnish city of Vyborg – no visa required.

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