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In 1663, the statesman Henrik Müller purchased eight farms and five houses in Lejre including Udlejre.

He presented the property to his daughter Drude and her husband, statesman Thomas Finke, who built a house called Lejregård.

Nogle af dem kender du sikkert allerede, hvorimod andre er anderledes og en del mindre kendte i Danmark.

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In 1661, Udlejregård was bought by the statesman Henrik Müller who built the first Lejregård manor house.

in 1739, Johan Ludvig Holstein bought the property and developed the modest building into one of the country's finest mansions.

Today's Baroque building was completed in 1746 by Minister of State Johan Ludvig Holstein (1694–1763) who commissioned J. At the time, the estate was called Udlejre and consisted of four or five farms.

After the Reformation, in 1545 Lejre became a fief in its own right under the jurisdiction of Copenhagen.

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