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We explore some options below, and find that major investment here needs to be driven by a clear vision of what we want the south London network to look like.

It should also be determined by what Tf L expects of its “strategic interchanges” such as Herne Hill, and what this entails in terms of service provision.

These will dictate the extent of fundamental restructuring we are prepared to tackle, and the level of investment required.

There are four broad options: In our post on safeguarding to expand the Blackfriars terminal bays, we noted how the ex-London Chatham & Dover Railway (LCDR) route from Herne Hill to Blackfriars is probably the most under-utilised stretch of mainline in central London.

An integrated assessment needs to look at the network as a whole rather than looking at each area in isolation, and analyse alternate portfolios of investments in order to define which package has greatest merit.

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