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Co-director Terje Halsvik, also a Norwegian actor and theatre educator, says: “Through discussing themes, the lines were inspired by their [inmates’] words and thoughts, which were incorporated into the text.” The title, , is a play on the boundaries and divides between the cell and the outside world.

“Inmates are always outsiders to society, with the stamp of being ex-offenders,” says Halsvik.

I Am Free programme, which has been running for a decade.

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It is funded by the Norwegian government’s Peace Corps and involves collaboration between the Artscape Theatre, Pollsmoor and Nicro – the South African National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of Offenders.

“The script came together organically,” says co-director Stian Olderkjaer, a Norwegian actor.

One of the inmates questions why they are expected to behave like animals, to which another responds: “Why else would they lock us up in cages?

” The play follows the New One until she leaves prison and must face her family at home.

When her sentence of four years is handed down, her brother begins to weep. Pollsmoor has been the training ground for this performance for the past six months.

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