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This history prompted Ludwig already when he was crown prince to think in terms of a “Bavaria comprising all tribes” and of a “great German nation”.

These goals motivated him in following years to undertake several projects involving the construction of national monuments like the pillar commemorating the Bavarian constitution of 1818 in Gaibach, the Walhalla temple on an imposing platform overlooking the Danube river and the town of Donaustauf east of Regensburg, the Hall of Fame in Munich (1853) and the Befreiungshalle (“Hall of Liberation”) near Kelheim (1863), all of which were privately financed by the king.

Ludwig’s second born son Otto was proclaimed King of Greece in 1832.

The childhood of Ludwig I was marked by the claims to power of Napoleon on the one hand, and Austria on the other.

At that time the venerable House of Wittelsbach which he represented had been reduced to a plaything for the ambitions of these two major powers.

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