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durch  |  27-Dec-2015 16:09

So I'm unsure about doing bridged with series-parallel, or run parallel on one channel.

3 single 4 ohm subs-383 single 4 ohm subs-56

3 single 4 ohm subs

Let's say I have three 4Ohm 10" single coil speakers. TIA Tim Edit: Hmm, from what I understand currently, if I run them parallel, they should put 4Ohm to the amp. ) and run in series-parallel, it varies or uses the highest Ohm (if I mixed with a speaker with a higher Ohm).

Granted your amp will probably not make a lot of power into a 12 Ohm load.

You will not hurt anything if you connect one speaker to one channel and parallel the other 2 speakers to the other channel of the amp, But the speakers will not see the same amount of power.

If you do it this way, you really need an enclosure with 3 separate chambers.

Ok, well it all depends on the stablity of the amp, meaning... And if that were to happen the ohm load would be at 16.

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